Saturday 10 September 2016

Walk from Ahtopol to Sinemorec along the coast

I decided to walk along the coast from Ahtopol to Sinemorec (Sinemorets). The distance in straight line is probably 5-6 km, but I think following the the shore line makes it probably twice more. It is indeed very pleasant experience and its very easy to do, there is a trail, so this mean there are people regularly walking that route.

Now I had more time to have a proper look to the village Sinemorec and its two main beaches and I am very disappointed. Its just some poor place that got somehow famous and was instantly overbuilt and shortly after overcrowded. Despite being favourite for may Bulgarians I can't recommend such place, it is simply very unpleasant and to top it the locals were not friendly at all, but rather greedy and trying to do as much as possible profit from the short touristic season.

The only reason to visit Sinemorec is to see and if you are inclined to fish in the river Veleka. It is indeed very interesting and particular river, which runs 7-8 m deep and is surrounded by nearly virgin forest and nature.

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