Wednesday 9 November 2016

Ilha da Barretta (also known as Deserta) - Algarve, Portugal

I put together some video clips from my visit to Ilha da Barretta (also known as Ilha Deserta), Portugal. The name implicates desert place, but actually even if secluded and not really accessible it is kind of normal beach, except there are very few people and most of the time I couldn't see any at all. This also is the reason that place to be known as a popular naturist or nudist destination.

I also learnt that on this small island is found the Southernmost point of Portugal, Cabo de Santa Maria, which while nothing exceptional is still kind of cool fact.

At some point I am showing pretty large shell from Mediterranean Geoduck (Panopea glycymeris), which is one of the bigger and more interesting mollusks living at these places.

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