Monday 1 August 2016

Eastern Hermann's tortoises (Testudo hermanni boettgeri)

As is alreday well known I like tortoises, so while I've been in North-West Bulgaria I decided to look for some of them in the area, because in this place live only Hermann's tortoises and in particular the Eastern subspecies T. h. boettgeri. This subspecies is somewhat endemic for the teritory of Bulgaria and the areas around the country.

The animal is relatively easy to be found if one follow few simple rules. First look for places with mix pf trees, bushes and open areas covered with grass. Second, be very quiet, the tortoise is much easier to be heard then seen, and third best time is in the morning before the hottest hours in the summer, because these animals will look for cover in the afternoon and is going to be nearly impossible to be seen or found.

So, after short search I found two of them. Note when I comment the unusual patern on the shell of the second, happen that after imspection I discovered that most of the it was damaged and without the usual annual growt circles, so I assume it was victim of fire or other injury.

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