Tuesday 2 August 2016

Visit to Ledenika cave in North-West Bulgaria

While I've been wandering around these days, happened that I visited Ledenika, a cave in the Northwestern parts of Bulgaria, which can be reached from town called Vratsa. The place itself is impressive natural formation with some endemic species of insects living in it like the beetle "Svetlomrazets", which translates as "light-heater". This cave was never inhabited during the human history, but it was used as kind of natural fridge during the Ottoman rule over the country, because of the low temperatures just above zero Celsius maintained during the whole year.

The cave is locked and visits are allowed only with guide for 5 levs (2 pound) per person. Along with the natural curiosities there was light show too. While thing like that is not necessary bad, I don't think it contributes much to this place in particular. I'll go as far to say that I'll even like it, but only in a proper ambient, like night club, which that cave obviously is not.

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