Wednesday 12 April 2017

Magura Cave, Bulgaria

Some video clips from the Magura Cave. Its pretty big one with 2.5km (1.6 mi) total length. It is in the form of a passage and when somebody enters from one end exits through the other. It is interesting because contains human remains from about 40 000 years ago and was home for some of the last Neanderthals. Also it has inside prehistoric wall paintings made of guano and carbon dated from 11 000 to 8 000 years ago. And particularly interesting for me are some of the depictions of Ostrich and Giraffe-like animals made about 11 000 years ago. I made some research and couldn't find anything like that living at the time in the area or even Europe in general. Strangely enough this issue was not researched and very few people even paid attention. I guess these that know that giant birds haven't lived among the early Europeans are different people from these that analyse ancient paintings or with other words Palaeontologists don't mix with Archaeologists. Also there are depictions of mushrooms, so the use of the magic ones is not out of question. The Sun-like paintings have corresponding number of rays and lines and suggest early attempts for creating calendars.

All that was amazing, but there were a vandalised paintings and rocks from the time when the cave was freely open for anybody. Nowadays one can enter alone after paying small fee, but generally the halls with the paintings are visited with guides.

TLDR Big cave with prehistoric wall paintings. If you visit Bulgaria one of the top 10 things to see.

Entrance of the Magura cave
Stairs in the Magura cave
First hall in the Magura cave. Tribe of 300 prehistoric people lived here. Remains of Cave Bear, Cave Hyena aand other prehistoric animals were found. Scientist say that Neanderthals lived in the cave, too.
Stalagmites in the Magura cave
Vandals defacing and destroying cultural heritage of the humanity in the Magura cave
The walks are well lit and marked in the Magura cave
Interesting formation in the Magura cave, looks like stalagmite
View from the walk in Magura
Stalagmite in Magura
Cool passages in the Magura cave
Nearly vertical drop in the middle of the cave after the paintings hall section
Entrance of the "Art Gallery" in the Magura cave
One of the most interesting prehistoric paintings in the Magura cave. Dated 10-11 000 years old, depicts hunting scene and Ostrich- or "big bird"- like animal, which shouldn't have existed at that time and place.
The animal depicted in this prehistoric scene even without the "bird" are interesting and strange enough
Prehistoric symbols and paintings in the Magura cave
Motive depicting two figures, probably man and woman, repeated often on the walls of the Magura cave
Possible depiction of prehistoric calendar in the Magura cave
Prehistoric symbols in the Magura cave
More prehistoric symbols and paintings in the Magura cave
Paintings and symbols in Magura cave
More paintings in Magura cave
View of the passage to the hall with the wall paintings in Magura
The exit of the Magura cave
View of the Lake Rabisha from the exit of the Magura cave
Panorama of the Lake Rabisha

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