Monday 24 April 2017

Ultralight backpack for surprising travels and adventures

Preparing my backpack for surprising travels used to be one of my main headaches and time wasting moments. Every time I'll pack again, I'll do again checklists and often I'll miss something in the hurry and I'll be unable to deal with the more important issues around the travel. So I decided to do a checklist and have everything ready, just for a grab. Having that I can easily remember and deal with some specific items for the specific places, like additional clothing, sleeping mat for the mountains and others.
(Note: While this is not a Bug Out Bag, it has somewhat similar idea and can be used for one)
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Here is the checklist in no particular order:
1. Documents, money, credit cards, travel tickets
2. Phone with charger and USB/miniUSB
3. 2 memory sticks
4. Solar charger
5. Camera & mini tripod
6. Map
7. Notebook, pen & pencil
8. Metallic water container (for boiling)
9. Plastic Bottle 1.5l
10. Walking stick (telescopic)
11. Small torch (flashlight)
12. Plastic bags
13. Survival tin
14. Waterproof sealable plastic bags for documents & phones
15. Pocket knife with saw
16. Small trowel
17. Sharpening stone
18. Wire
19. Paracord/rope
20. String
21. Fishing line on reel
22. Lighter
23. Tin can (for hobo stove)
24. Toilet paper
25. Soap
26. Toothpaste and brush
27. Sunscreen lotion
28. Underwear, socks, t-shirt with long sleeves
29. Swimming shorts
30. Shoes/flip-flops
31. Mosquito net
32. Insect repelant
33. Rain poncho
34. Spoon
35. Cooking pot
36. Small metal cup for coffee & instant coffee
37. Spare minimalistic backpack
38. Towel
39. "Bum bag"
40. Carbiner (attached on the backpack)
41. Plastic container
42. Woollen clothes
43. Cigarettes

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