Wednesday 27 April 2016

New tent-cape design

For travelling I wanted to have my gear as light and versatile as possible. The first item in my list was shelter/tent and the lightest one was about 2kg and couldn't serve for anything else and inspired by the plash palatkas I decided to design kind of tent that could be used also as cloak/raincape, hammock and possibly kayak. I stumbled through few iterations, but finally I settled to the one shown on the pictures. It is going to be rectangular piece of waterproof light material with sides 2:3, which for my size should correspond to 1.6m by 2.4m. Pitched up it will have roughly as sizes 2.9m length, 0.9 width and 0.7 height, which is rather a small tent or even better said bivvy. Also it will be possible to be sealed near hermetically with waterproofed zips and instead of standard hoop it will use simply 2 walking sticks pegged into the ground and supported by 2 small pegs which also will stretch the whole thing diagonally. And finally, I tried it and while not superior experience it is still comfortable enough to allow you multi-day camping and the advantages of this type of tent far outweigh the weak points, at least for my needs.

On the pictures bellow you can see some drawings, paper models and real-life sized model. Some of the next days I'll post more updates and information about that project.

A fold to give sense of shape and proportion
Folded paper model, "d" is where one of the supporting stick will be fixed and the other one will be on the opposite  side
Folded model, side view
Real-life sized model
tent-cape with flap down
Real-life sized model with the flap down

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