Friday 29 April 2016

Climbing Cherni Vrah, Vitosha Mountain

This video is composed of several short ones, which I made during my climb to Cherni Vrah, Vitosha mountain. This is the mountain next to Sofia, Capital of Bulgaria, the name of the highest point "Cherni Vrah", roughly translates as "Black Peak" and is 2290m above the see level, which is not very high as the mountains go, but makes exellent mini-adventure, just to taste what is the thing called climbing, without the dangers and exhaustion from real thing in the bigger mountains.

This climb took me exactly 13 hours from which 7 going up, half hour taking pictures on the peak itself and 5 and half hors getting down. It can be done much faster in different time of the year, but today there was snow up to 1 m deep on the higher parts and in the lower section, where the snow melted the ground was muddy. The temperature was between -5 and 10 Celsius depending of the place. With all that said, the whole exercise was somewhat challenging, but nonetheless very pleasant in general.

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