Friday 15 April 2016

Walk from Chilham to Canterbury and back

Last Sunday, a friend of mine, Karen suggested that we do part of the North Downs Way with organised group of hikers. The walk was supposed to start from Chilham at 9 o'clock and to be 20 miles long. However due to train from London bridge to Tonbridge canceled, Karen couldn't pick me up at 8 o'clock and had to wait for me to get there by 8:30, which didn't give us enough time to get to Chilham at 9 o'clock. Any way she spoke with the organizer, who told her to wait for them in the next village, but then there was again problem with his phone and as a result we couldn't meet. After a bit of wondering what to do, Karen decided that we should walk to Canterbury and then return back, which roughly translates as 10-12 miles. This seems to be on the shorter side, but then again the weather was not particularly pleasant with the rain and wind starting and stopping all the time and the trail itself fairly muddy, so we settled for this at the end.

So, I'll upload some of the pictures I've taken during the trip and I hope you'll like them.

Canterbury main road
Canterbury museum

Canterbury side walk
Old English style house with restaurant in Canterbury
Traditionally looking Fish&Chips in Canterbury
Karen having a tea
Canterbury cathedral
Karen taking selfie
Karen taking another selfie
Karen taking yet another selfie
This strange symbol in the Canterbury's cathedral is the Altar of the Sword's Point
Walkway along the river Great Stour
Karen hiking in the rain
Walk along the river Great Stour
View from Canterbury
Houses along the river Great Stour
Interesting bench along river Great Stour
The Way Back

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