Tuesday 19 April 2016

Travels through Morocco - Tangier

So happened that last summer I had a chance to visit Morocco thanks to friends of mine who went on holiday  there and invited me to travel with them. All I can say is that I was very pleasantly surprised by the people, nature and country in general. Now, an year latter I decided to share this experience I had and show you few of the things I've seen there.

First we traveled from mainland Spain to the Spanish enclave Ceuta with the ferry and then we crossed the border between the countries. The ferry itself was a bit of hassle, mostly in regard to finding cheaper tickets and more convenient times, but otherwise it was relatively fast and pleasant trip. After that he crossing of the border was relatively fast too, it took maybe no longer then 2 hours and it felt as a minor inconvenience and there were few things which could've been done better by the authorities, but at the end it was still far better then what I expected.

Once we entered in the country, we went to drive straight to Tangier were a friend of my travel-mates was waiting for us. The guy was a local dude, who generally speaking lives and works in Spain or France, but regularly comes back to his native country. Meeting him remained me for the dreaded African lack of any kind of punctuality. He said is coming in 15 min, but appeared about 2 hours latter walking non-nonchalantly and without showing any signs, that there something may be wrong. This was actually very good to happen to me the very first day, because it called my attention, so I can prepare myself accordingly and accept this particular quirk as inevitable part of the picture, just like the snow in the winter and so I can start enjoying even that. However the things with the lack of punctuality run much deeper and are probably rooted in the human biology, but I'll talk about this some other time in the future.

There is a lot that can be said about Tangier, but for now I'll mention only that my first impression was that this place is an even mix between the most modern and new buildings and infrastructure on one hand and old or plainly strange on another. For today I'll post few of the pictures, so everybody can judge for himself. Thanks for reading and I hope you'll like it.

Out of Ceuta
Tangier's beach
Tangier beach walkway
Tangier's centre
Tangier central place - view of the Medina's entrance
Tangier's Mdina
Tangier's Spanish colonial style buildings and cafes
Small walkway in the old parts of Tangier
Secret passage in the Tangiers Medina

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