Sunday 1 May 2016

Hiking through Lyulin Mountain

Today I decided to see group of hills next to Bulgaria's Capital Sofia, called Lyulin. The highest point is Dupevitsa Peak (1,256 m or 4121 ft). The place is not particulary high or unaccessible, but is somewhat wild and I've seen very few people there. At some point the track which I followed desappeared and I had to walk through pretty dense woods and at one moment I thought that is going to be impossible to go any further, but somehow I managed to cross it. I started from Knyazhevo district, walked first toward Vladaia, after that Bonsovi Polyani, Lyulin itself and finally Gorna Banya. The whole thing took exactly 10 hours (10am-8pm) and I estimated that I walked something like 40-45 km. I filmed few of the moments during the day and I joined them in one longer video in which hopefully can be seen some interesting things.

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