Monday 25 July 2016

Ancient ruins and ceramic in North-West Bulgaria

This area, just like most of the country has a lot of ruins and remains of ancient dwelings, spaning from early Neolit to modern times. These particular walls I believe were part of Roman baths and are probably younger then most of the other ruins.

I found the pieces shown in this video laying in the corn and sunflower fields around and sadly many times broken by the agricultural machines. It took me no more then half an hour to gather all that. Also its rarer but there still can be found laying on the ground early iron age spear heads and other weapons, but coins and other objects of collector's interest are nearly gone after the diligent browsing with metal detercors by all kind of dark balkan subjects in the last 30 years.

I plan in some of the next days to have a better look and who knows may be find something really interesting.

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