Tuesday 19 July 2016

Walking on the beach from Durankulak to Shabla

First to excuse myself for the quality of the editing. I am doing this on my phone, where the preview doesn't work, so there are  some faults, but this is the best I can do at the moment. A bit later I'll do better video, where these issues are going to be fixed.

I walked on the beach from the Durankulak's camping site to the Shabla's one. At first I thought to pitch up my tent just outside the camping site, but later on I changed my mind and entered the one called "Holiday Houses Mezdra". Sleeping in tent costs 2 pounds per person, for which one gets showers and toilets too. Provided basic safety rules are followed also campfires and BBQs can be made. The hosts showed me also the bungalows and in general were exceptionally friendly.They are couple in they late 40s, early 50s with a daughter, called Nona, who is an aspiring journalist and her boyfriend, very pleasant young man, who works as builder. After that the hosts invited me to share a meal with them, and it was a meal, what is seen on the picture is only the beginning, later we had sausages and meatballs on grill, Bulgarian anisette, called "Mastika", beers and so on. We stayed around the table until nearly 2 o'clock after midnight and many interesting stories were told.

From all the places I ever visited on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast I'd say that this was by far the best. Very cheap, friendly people, nice sandy beach and in general all that I like in a resort. So I'd give it 10/10 from my semi-wild camper point of view.

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