Friday 22 July 2016

Cape Kaliakra

After spending the previous night in the open field I went to see Cape Kaliakra. Once again I had to follow the car's road for something like 6-7 km until I reached the cape. At first I thought that is going to be a bit dull day, but the cape itself proved to be interesting place. Once I've got close the ancient ruins of the Kaliakra Castle appeared. Inside can be seen many interesting ruins of houses, churches, fortifications, wells and so on. There is even a small free entry museum, where can be seen reconstruction of the castle and exponates from the centuries past. Another interesting thing was the small chapel at the very end of the cape. That chapel and the terace next to it can be seen on the video, where I am a bit surprised, because I passed by the small door but didn't realise its a chapel and working at that. I took a lot of pictures from the place which I'll post when I have faster internet.

After spending an hour on the cape, I decided to visit the small secluded beach called Golata, which is not shown in this video, but nonetheless was nice place with a lot of visitors with cars, because the road is not really designed for pedestrians.

After that in the afternoon I headed to the next point on my route, a village called Kavarna.

In conclusion, Cape Kaliakra is one of these places that one should see and spend some time, but it has mostly historical value and the area is not the best choice for a wild camping. One interesting point is that this was the very first point where I found water fontain from where I could get free potable water since the begining of my trip, which is a big disapointment for me, because I thought the drinking water is not going to be issue in this country, but alas, I had to buy all water I needed for drinking.

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