Saturday 23 July 2016

River fishing

I had to interrupt my walk along the Black Sea coast and wait for something, but while I am doing so I can make some videos about other stuff, like the freshwater fishing in a river, which I practiced today. I had some moderate luck and the target were some small species of freshwater fish, which are exeptionally tasty. I calculated that if one wants to feed himself with fishing with rod in these rivers, hast to do so for about 3 hours a day, best in early morning, when seems the fishes are feeding. Also some of these fishes are very good for a cold water aquarium, because they have nice looks and don't grow more then 10-15 cm.

Note that the freshwater fishing in Bulgaria is regulated by specific laws and first a licence for fishing has to be adquiered. This licence cost 10-15 pounds per year. Then the fishing is permitd only in certain periods of the year and only with fishing rods and line. All kind of fishing with nets, chemicals and others is illegal. Also each dpecies of fish has a minimal size allowed for catch, which by the way shows gross lack of knowledge of the fish biology and ecology and makes inmense damage to the fish populations and creates evolutionary pression for reducing the overall size of the fish species in general.

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