Wednesday 20 July 2016

Walk from Shabla to Tyulenovo

I departed early in the morning and kept walking on the beach nearly up to the Shabla's Lighthouse and after that I went up on the clifs until I got to the Tyulenovo village.

However to compensate that Tyulenovo village was very nice place with very friendly inhabitants. Around the vilage, before and after it there were one of the most impressive rocky shores I've seen, with a lot of smal caverns and secluded places were many foreign turists were sunbating, swimming or jumping from the rocks. When I passed the village I found place designated as "bivouac", where explicitly was written on postsign that tents can be pitched up, campfires made and there even was a chmical toilet, so despite of not walking a lot that day I decided to stop there and camp during the night.

It was pretty warm, so I didn't bother to pitch up a tent, but later on it started cooling and I decided to try my Karimor survival polytilene bag, which was a bit of disappointment, because even it breaks the wind, it keeps inside all body moisture, which makes the sleep in one of them pretty unpleasant. Also I made my self hobo stove which worked as charm and kept me warn.

Later in the evening several fishermen arrived and kept fishing until 6 o'clock in the morning of thd next day and one of them managed to catch half bucket of the exeptionaly tasty Black Sea fish called localy "Safrid". The fishermen were very friendly and asked me if I am al right, if I am cold, comfortable and so on.

All in all the experience was very pleasant and I took some pictures, which I'll post in near future, when I have faster internet and computer.

PS The tortoise shown in the video is not a Horsefields one, because I've got the English names mixed up and this species doesn't even live in Bulgaria. So, it is the Spur-thighed (or Greek), which is the largest one living in Europe (up to 8 kg), rare and treatened with extinction species.

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