Thursday 21 July 2016

Walk from Tyulenovo to Balgarevo

After leaving the bivouac I walked trough the fields along the rocky shore to the next village called Kamen bryag. After that the walk continued across bushes along the cliffs to the holiday resort called Rusalka. The way to there led me to the archaeological reserve called Yailata, which is series of ancient caves, which were inhabited during the stone age approximately 5 000 BC.

While I walked in Kamen bryag, a stray dog started walking after me and when we reached Yailata, it was already very hot, so I felt sorry for it and gave it poece of meat and water. That dog tried honestly to guard me and barked against birds and lizards and also tried to break the trial in front of me, but sadly proved to be not very loyal because abandoned me after Russian couple payed it a bit of attention.

So I passed trough the Rusalka holiday complex, which I have to say was one of the most unfriendly places I've seen on the Northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and place I would not recommend to visitors.

After Rusalka I couldn't find a way trough the fields, so I had to take the asphalted road to the next village called Sveti Nikola. To be honest it was a dull and borring hour and half and then may be because it was the weekend everything in the village was closed. Then I tried again to find direct way to Kaliakra, but again I couldn't do so and I continued for another couple of hours up to the next village Balgarevo, which again looked rather unsuitable for my semi-wild camping needs and I went in direction to Cape Kalialra and pitched up my tent in some random weat field, where I spent the night.

In convlusion I have to mote that this last section between Kamen bryag and Cape Kaliakra is suitable for wild camping only if one is well prepared for a walk in thorny and covered with difficult to cross bushes, i.e. sturdy shoes and thick pants (which I didn't have) and on top of that there are no camping sites in the vicinity.

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