Tuesday 12 July 2016

Arrival in Duran Kulak, Bulgaria Black Sea camping site

Duran Kulak is a village 5 km from the Romanian border. What is interesting is that there are fewer visitors and the place is one of ths last calm and near wild places for camping. The sea water is pretty warm, the sea itself is calm, there are also a number of Central European visitors. All in all there and only couple of bars where the turists can eat or have a pint of beer. There is also a lake where in addition to the sea fishing one can fish in fresh water.

I've got at that place at 3 am with a friend, after spending several hours searching for calm camp site north of Burgas. Originaly I wantd to find place somewhere around Kamchia river, but we've got there sometimes after midnight and everything was closed, so we left and kept going north for another couple of hours.

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