Tuesday 21 June 2016

A walk between Woolwich Arsenal and River Darent - Midsummer, 2016

Yesterday I decided to walk along the south bank of River Thames with the idea, if possible to reach the Thames estuary, which is supposed to start somewhere around Gravesend. However that was not possible, because once I reached River Darent, I found that there is no way to cross it. Then I started walking along its west bank toward Dartford and after short break in a field that looked not too fenced I got to Slade Green station, where my walk finished.

Also I want to mention that England when talking about nature and wild camping, seems not to be the best place in the world. Pretty much all land is either privately owned, either some protected natural reserve and it practically impossible to find place that you'll be alone in the wild. So for people who want to immerse themselves in the nature, England is not particularly good place, but I am not giving up yet and I'll keep trying to find some kind of nature on that part of the island.

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