Thursday, 9 June 2016

Melnik and its Museum of the Wine, Bulgaria - Summer 2014

Melnik is a town in southwestern Bulgaria in the Pirin mountains. The town is an architectural reserve and 96 of its buildings are cultural monuments. It has unique architecture and it is a popular tourist destination. The area of Melnik is famous with vine growing and wine making.

First views when just arrived
Inside one of the many restaurants
Street view from that restaurant
Another restaurant
I have impression that nearly all buildings are converted in restaurants and/or inns
Made to look traditional well
"Chinarite" of of the bigger restaurants
Old building, may have been school or administrative
Some more street views
The Museum of the Wine is seen in the building on the left
Traditional for Bulgaria type of woven willow baskets used to carry grapes
Several types of older style ornaments
Typical in older times for the region "Sgrafito" ceramics
Pictures of different types of ceramic
Vessels for carrying wine and brandy
Table for grape-stomping
Different vessels for carrying wine and brandy
Again on the street
The riverbed is dry at this time of the year
The road out

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