Tuesday 28 June 2016

Visit to the Brixton Street Market, London 2016

Today I visited the Brixton Street Market, place in London which I often have heard mentioned when people spoke about exotic foods, but somehow haven't seen yet. So my first impression is that its not really very big and while some years ago I would have thought that looks like Middle-Eastern or Afro-Caribbean market, today I think its something rather typical for London, as there are several similar markets around. When I say Middle-Eastern or Caribbean, I mean not only the exotic foods, but also the ambient, the faces of the people, the stalls without prices and covered sometimes with fruits and foods that I haven't seen yet in my life and strangely enough the prices are not really fixed and the vendors often decide on the moment how much to ask for any specific thing.

Street musicians next to the Brixton Underground Station

Other then food, other thing as these flowers can be seen, too.
"Progressive" yet ancient looking unisex toilet.
There are a few covered passages, bazaar-type

Shop with some crafted things and vegetable seeds for planting
There were also a lot of stalls with fresh fish and seafood from many different species

Most of the stalls and places for eating are Afro-Caribbean

The omnipresent rye and sourdough breads
Soursop, spiky green fruit, which I have never eaten before but found and bought from this market. Somehow I forgot to take a picture myself, so I am using this one from Wikipedia. The fruit is very sweet, its related to the Cherimoya and with somewhat similar taste, but it has a bit strange aftertaste, to which I think one has to get used first.

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