Monday 6 June 2016

Universeum, Gothenburg 2014

The Gothenburg's Universeum is something like mix between zoo, museum and science centre, where can be seen among the other things some tropical animals in nearly free ambient doing their own business without paying attention to the visitors who walk in their enclosure. Also there is a section with aquariums, real-life sized dinosaurses on the roof and general science and technology exhibition. I wouldn't say its some exceptional thing that must be visited, but if  visitor has a spare day and the weather is too bad for visits to the numerous parks and other open air points of interest it is a good idea to see the Universeum. Below I'll post a few pictures, which I took from that place, enjoy!

Goeldi's marmoset (Callimico goeldii) run free between the visitors in the Regnskogen area

There are several birds like this Scarlet Ibis  (Eudocimus ruber) who walk freely between the visitors


Marine aquariums are always impressive

Part of the exhibition is outside the building

Some of the exponats are mechanized and moving

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