Wednesday 8 June 2016

Gothenburg Botanical Garden - Spring 2014

The Gothenburg Botanical Garden (in Swedish: Göteborgs botaniska trädgård)  is one of the larger botanical gardens in Europe. I actually visited that place several times and for plant collectors and enthusiasts its worth checking periodically, because in their shop sometimes can be found pretty rare flowers and plants in general, which otherwise may be nearly impossible to be found for sale even on-line. Today I'll post a few pictures from the garden and its plants. At that time of the year there were many flowering wild species of tulips, which in my opinion was the best part from the visit. In that regard I'd say that this was very large collection, that if not surpassing is at least rivalling the one in Kew Gardens.

Bulb (spring)  flowers section

Tulipa humilis var. 'alba' with unusually long flower stems
Tulipa humilis var. 'alba'

Tulipa aitchisonii var 'clusianoides'
Tulipa aitchisonii var 'clusianoides'

Tulipa bakeri

Tulipa orphanidea
Tulipa bithynica

And in the end there is mini forest with a hill overseeing part of Gothenburg

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