Tuesday 14 June 2016

Traveller survival/convenience tin

I carry this tin normally when I am out of cities and towns. Its not so much preper/survival tin, but rather small, easy to carry around box with a few convenience items, that I need often.

The items are:
1. Tin, aluminium, water tight, flat enough to be carried easily in belt pouch, size is exactly to fit a passport if needed.
2. Wire-saw
3. Condoms - 2 pieces
4. Fishing line - several metres
5. Fishing hooks 3 pieces, different sizes
6. Cotton
7. Pencil
8. Snare wire
9. Green wire - 3m
10. USB to mini-USB cable
11. Mini Carbiner
12. Compass with ruler
13. Tweezers
14. Salt
15. Dremel cutting blade
16. Plasters - 2 pieces
17. Mini Multi-tool with pliers, knife blade, saw, torch, screwdriver, bottle opener
18. Candle
19. Lighter - Clipper small
20. String, strong several metres
21. Sharpening stone
22. Torch with crank
23. Plastic fishing bait
24. Mirror
25. Sealable, strong transparent plastic bags - 2 pieces
26. Saw blade for metal
27. Painkillers
28. Antibiotics (doxycycline)
29. Water purifying tablets And last I am thinking of adding mini memory stick with bootable Linux (Ubuntu) and some important files, which stick I normally carry in my pocket.

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