Wednesday 8 June 2016

Animals and plants that can be seen while hiking in Bulgaria

I made this video from a few short clips I took while hiking in Bulgaria. These animals and plants are some of the more common species which can be seen by the casual hiker. Of course there are bigger and more memorable beasts like bear, red deer and others, but they are not something that is easy to be found in the wilderness.

Species shown:
1. Spotted nutcracker (Nucifraga caryocatactes)
2. Fire salamander (Salamandra salamandra)
3. Scarab beetle (Scarabaeidae spp)
4. Bumblebee  (Bombus spp)
5. Birch Sawfly (Cimbex femoratus)
6. White-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus)
7. White Long-headed poppy - (Papaver dubium dubium L. var. albiflorum)
8. Gall wasp (Cynipidae)
9. Duck mussels (Anodonta anatina)
10. Thyme (Thymus spp)
11. Roman snail (Helix pomatia)

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