Wednesday 11 May 2016

A few more pictures from Tangier

I have a few more pictures from Tangier, which while are not the highest quality photography may happen to be interesting in general.

Cannon at the Tangier's beach
Tangier's Beach
Another view of the Tangier's Beach walkway
One of the main streets of Tangier
Cafes in the Tangier's Medina
Some older (rather not maintained) parts of Tangier
Tangier, near the coast
Small closure with very tall orange trees in Tangier
Typical cat from Tangier, skinny and with strangely shaped heads
I always assumed that the stray cats around the world in 21st century are already very mixed and uncharacteristic, but from what I've seen recently, that is not true and there are a lot of regional races, some of which have striking and particular looks. One of these interesting types of cats I've seen in the northern parts of Morocco. Obviously most of these cats are undernourished, but even these that live close to fisherman's areas and are rather fattish exhibit similar looks, light bone structure, wide muzzle, etc. The cat on the picture is stray from some market in Tangier and came to see me while I've been buying food. It was skinny and a bit cautious, but piece of meat helped to gain its confidence, so I could take the photos.

Fishers in the Tangier's evening

Evening walk along Tangier's coast
View from my window in midnight

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