Monday 30 May 2016

A Walk in Lilla Bommen - April 2014

Today I'll post a few pictures taken during the spring of 2014 from a walk in Lilla Bommen, a guest harbour in Gothenburg, Sweden located on the shore of the Göta river. It offers mooring for temporary visiting boats.
West part of the Lilla Bommen square
One can see the Viking in the background

Göta river
Göta river
The Viking and The ''Lipstic''
This building popularly known as The ''Lipstic'' is a post-modern relatively tall structure. It is a red and white striped building located near The Viking. It's official name is Lilla Bommen, after it's location.

Its impossible to get in one frame the whole Viking from the side
Also in Lilla Bommen is moored The Viking. She is reported to be the biggest sailing ship ever built in Scandinavia. She was originally built as a sail training ship for the rapidly growing Danish merchant fleet. Viking came to Gothenburg, Sweden permanently in 1950, as a home for various shipping organisations, and later became a school of seamanship. Today she is moored in the Gothenburg guest harbour as hotel "Barken Viking".

Göta river is very pleasant place for afternoon walks
There are always many moored vessels 

The Gothenburg Opera can be seen on the west side of the square

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