Thursday 19 May 2016

Paleo life-style - basics

In this video I am explaining some of the core ideas of my version of the paleo life-style. Mind that when we say "Paleo" it is simply rough approximation as most of the fruits and vegetables were pretty different even few centuries ago, but is the best we can do in urban setting. 
Essentially I am doing 1-2 hours of physical exercise a day, which consist of jogging between 30 and 60 min, several series of sit ups, push ups, squats, shadow fighting and more.
My daily diet consist of eating once (rarely twice) a day in the evening the following:
*200-300g of meat (fish, chicken, pork, etc)
*half avocado scooped with spoon
*onion (garlic or something similar)
*juice from half lemon
*50g nuts (walnut, hazelnut, pecan, etc)
*random fruit or berry
*random vegetable
And as general note, most of the calories should come from meat

Below follows excerpt from the video:

I'd like to share some basics of my lifestyle. First I have to give you some background. Few years ago I used to be 120kg. Since then I dropped around 40kg which was about one third of my weight and I managed to maintain the muscles and improve my health with a simple combination of exercises and diet.

First I'd like to talk about the exercises. The basics are I'm doing everyday between 1 and 2 hours light exercises, which includes jogging between half and one hour, and some general exercises like kick boxing, push ups, sit ups etc. I'll describe in more details what and how exactly I'm doing in another blog. For now I'd like to concentrate on the other component which is the food.

There are several core elements that I'm eating every day – meat, grapefruit, banana, some fruits, berries, onions, nuts, lemon and avocado. Some of these thing may be changed in some of the days, but essentially that's all. I'll explain the reason in another blog.

The first thing that I'm normally eating is one grapefruit. It gives me a sense of fullness. The next is about 300gr of row meat, more often fish, with onion, lemon and half avocado. I normally eat after that some nuts, usually about 50gr and after that some berries, carrots. Some days I may eat one raw egg, which turned to be my favourite part. I like it's taste. Finally I eat a banana, which improves my digestion and generally because I like the taste.

This is my one and only meal most of the days and I'm eating it normally after 6pm. After few days you can get used to eat only one meal a day and all this is giving us much better sense of fullness then cooked food, hamburgers and so on. Probably the reason is that we've been design by Nature to eat this kind of things, without salt, sugar, and other processed food, and so our body doesn't receive wrong signals if we are full of if we have to gorge more for some reason.

Another thing that I wanted to say today is that I gave up smoking half year ago. I'm using Nicotinell lozenges in case I crave nicotine. The nicotine itself is not the bad part of cigarettes. The tar is. I feel big improvement in my health and well being.

These are the basics. In future blogs I'll be explaining in more details each one of the things that I'm doing and why I'm doing them.

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