Sunday 15 May 2016

Paleo diet - minced pork

I've been asked to show some dishes from my version of the paleo diet. I'll have another video explaining all components of that diet, the meaning of them, why I am doing it, how I'm doing it, but for now I'll show just couple of dishes that I'll eat today. First and main meal is going to be minced pork, which I bought from the local shop, fresh pork with fat, minced. Next component is going to be fresh chopped onion and pepper, and parsley fresh and chopped also. Also we'll add an egg and couple of spices, black pepper and paprika. First we mix the egg and the mince. The mince is about 200 gr and the egg is about 70-80 gr. We mix until it's consistent. We'll eat this row, but the taste is not really different of runny eggs. It's quite common food. Also the minced pork is quite common to be eaten row. There are many national dishes in Europe and Asia that include row mince. Add a handful of fresh chopped onion, parsley, chopped onion and a bit of chopped pepper. One of the issues of this dish for people who are not accustomed to the paleo diet, and are used to eat salt daily, is that it is tasteless. To overcome this we can add some spices like black pepper or paprika. We need to spent about couple of weeks eating only raw food without salt and sugar so our sense of taste could sharpen and we'll perceive the normal raw meat as quite salty and tasty. Mix all ingredients well. We'll have about 300 gr of main meal at the end.

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