Saturday 28 May 2016

Rozhen Monastery, Bulgaria

The Rozhen Monastery in the Pirin Mountains in South-Western Bulgaria is a beautiful place. It is well preserved medieval monastery. Some evidence suggest that it existed in the 13th century. I visited that monastery July 2014 and while not secret and mysterious place waiting to be discovered, it is one of these things that we are better of seeing. We can get the impression how the people from the Balkans lived several centuries ago. Its interesting to see what types of building they had, what was the ambient. This is of course monastery and many of the things are specific for such building dedicated to the East Orthodox Christianity, but the general architecture, set up and positioning of the different parts of the structure as rooms, balconies, stairs, gardens, etc, the tools used by these people, the house items and many, many other things are still similar enough to what was the typical settlement in that time.
Interesting and somewhat startling are the wandering herds of cattle. Note, that while these animals are normally tame, one should be always careful around such beasts, because they still have the potential to injure or even kill 
The typical house architecture of 18th and 19th century is notable. 
The building material used for the stairs is wood. 
Stone covers the ground.

There is a beautiful inner garden and patio.
While there were not many tourists that day, one still could see some
Some clever designer planted a palm. This is very untypical for the region and never even seen in the country.

Very typical for the region vines spreading like ceiling

One could see some old wall art, depicting biblical scenes
Some of the vines were somewhat old

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