Sunday 15 May 2016

Visit to Styrsö, Sweden

Few years ago I had a chance to visit Styrsö, small island close to the Swedish City of Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish), which can be reached with the Gothenburg's public transport net with no additional coast. It was just after 2008's Christmas and despite the cool weather (from 0C midday to -10C in late evening) everything was very charming and nice. The ambient was something that I started identifying with the country in general, somehow everything is calm, organised, purposeful and made to look nice. There is also touch of simplicity and all this combined with the nature and climate makes the atmosphere very particular. It's hard to describe it with one word or sentence, so I'd call it "One very Swedish feeling".
Red House  Styrsö, Sweden
I must mention here that this type of houses are not simply "generic red house", the paint is called Falu Rödfärg. It is an integral part of the Swedish culture and houses painted with Falu Rödfärg are one of the most iconic views from the country. If interested read more here:

Yellow House, Sweden
House Gothenburg
Styrsö Island House
House, Styrsö
Village's road, Styrsö Island, Sweden
Styrsö Village, many of the houses are further inside the owner's land, which gives them the "Forest House" feel
Styrsö cemetery, frozen and calm
Styrsö Sunset
Sunset Styrsö (my favourite picture of this series)

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