Wednesday 25 May 2016

Walk around London in the early December 2015

Back in the early December last year (2015) I decided to walk a bit through London, so I started from Leytonstone, went to Piccadilly Circus and then came back at the starting point. The distance was about 40 km (25 miles) and it took me 7 hours to cover it (average speed 5.8 km/h), but I feel that this is kind of limit for me and if I want to be comfortable and walk more hours I'll have to drop the walking speed to something like 5km/h (3.1m/h), which while far from what the athletes do its not really bad for a starter. On the bright side I didn't have any signs of tiredness or muscle fevers in the next days and this is when I decided to start preparing physically myself for long distance walks.

While walking I managed to snap few photos with my phone, which may be mildly interesting for people from other countries :).

Something interesting - "Public Baths", only I am not really sure its still operational
Parakeets (possibly Psittacula krameri) in Victoria Park. Even these fluffy balls of tropical colours look drab in London in this time of the year
Idyllic view of channel in London
Mildly interesting mix of modern and not so modern buldings
Kind of typical for London indie cafe. I like these very much, generally the ambient and the people are really nice.
Nearly forgot to mention it, my Vibram shoes. I decided if the weather is bad to do my walks with them and so far I find them exceptionally comfortable. I think I made by now something like few hundred km in this particular pair and it doesn't show any signs of wear and tier yet.
Wearing my vibram shoes.

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