Monday 23 May 2016

Tent from single 2x3 tarp sheet, enclosed with floor for £2

After receiving e-mails and questions how exactly I configure and pitch up my double tent-cape I realized that it may not be so obvious, so I decided to upload this video in which I am showing to a friend of mine - Karen how to do it. I hope now is clearer how this is done.

In short, 2x3 m (6x9 ft) tarp (tarpaulin or any other waterproof and strong enough material cut with sides 2 by 3), 2 sticks at 1.2 m (or 4 ft) each, 2 pegs (or just sharpened pieces of wood) and piece of string are used and the pitching up should take only a couple of minutes if practiced. It could be used as rain-cape or hammock, weights around 350 gr and is very compact and light compared to the retail tents.

And just to note in the video the sides don't align perfectly, because this tarp was not with sides 2 by 3 exactly and the eyelets were not evenly spaced, but its still good enough for £2 tent. However if anybody wishes to invest some time, it can be cut to proper size and the eyelets can be realigned and the result will be very neat fully enclosed double tent.

For exact proportions and folding geometry look at New Tent Design
For my previous video about testing it in rain this tent see here.
And for a video about pitching up and configuration of the single tent see Single Tent Cape.

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